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Brand Reps

Frenzy Brand Rep

What is a brand rep?

Someone who loves Frenzy clothing, style, and purpose that wants to do their part to help spread the word and share the love. This person purchases merchandise at a discounted price with requirements of promoting the brand.

What is required of a Frenzy of Harrison Brand Rep?

-Post on your Facebook or Instagram a minimum of 2x a week featuring you in items from our boutique.

(Posting the same photo on both platforms will only count as 1 of your weekly posts)

-You can choose to either wear the item or do a flat lay for the photo you post.

-We prefer at least some of your posts to be being worn.

-Post at minimum 90% of the items purchased with your discount.

-Use the hashtag #FrenzyofHarrison #Frenzybrandrep

-Include one or both of the following:

      Our direct website

      Tag our Facebook/Instagram page in every post.

-Follow our social media page (@frenzyofharrison)

-Be any size between small and 3x

What do I get for being a Frenzy of Harrison brand enthusiast?

-A welcome Grab Bag with lots of awesome goodies!

-A personal code for 30% off every purchase during your term that is valid for the items you will be wearing.

-A personalized referral code for you to give to friends and family to receive 10% off their purchase. (At the end of each month the brand enthusiast with the most used referral code will receive a FREE in stock item of their choice!)

Terms include but are not limited to

​-Frenzy reserves the right to accept or deny any brand rep applications for any reason. Terms may or may not be renewed and reason for denied or approved status is not required.


-If for any reason Frenzy feels that an enthusiast is not upholding the standard desired for our reps we may cancel the brand reps term at any given time.

-Terms will be based on a 3 month period. At the end of each term the brad rep can reapply.

If you are interested in becoming a Frenzy of Harrison Brand Rep please include: Clothing Size, Describe your style, your city and state of residency, and why you want to be a Frenzy of Harrison Brand Rep.

Girl, can we get your number?

Just kidding, we want your email! We only email you when we have something you can't afford to miss